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Experience We are rubber-bonding specialists -- equipped to handle your toughest bonding problem and quality standards. Our capabilities include developing super-tough elastomer compounds and ways to bond them to everything from common and exotic metals, to highly technical plastic formulations, and nylon, glass and other super-smooth surfaces.

Our specialty is quality bonded parts that endure temperature extremes, oil, friction, pressure, and other hazards that threaten to loosen the rubber bond.

We bond many compounds...

- Millable gum rubber compounds - Urethane - Neoprene - Silicone - Nitriles - EPDM - Heat-resistant VITON® - Chemical resistant fluorosilicone - Butyl - VAMAC® - Special compounds for special applications

to many substrates and surfaces...

- Stainless steel - Aluminum - Brass - Bronze - Nylon - Glass - Plastic - Titanium - Super alloys
- Space-age plastics - Other common metals or alloys - A variety of super smooth surfaces

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